Next week we will be hosting a similar event for THH. There will be a charge of $50 CAD. You will not be charged again as the next session is a gift from Master Sha.

Open for NFT ticket holders to trace the TC and not wait for the Nov 27th date when available.

Go to HERE to install MetaMask in your browser.


Select Add to Chrome > Select Get Started > Select Create a Wallet > Select Agree > Create a unique password > Select Continue > Reveal your Secret Words - be sure to write them down and store them in a safe place > Enter your Secret Words

You can find your Wallet Address at the top of your account page HERE. That is the address we need to send you your NFT Blessing.

After your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email requesting a response on whether or not you prefer to have us manage your digital wallet to store your financial blessing NFT. After responding, you will receive a digital wallet along with your NFT blessing. If you already have a wallet, you will send us your wallet address, and we will send your blessing to your wallet accordingly.

You can use Direct WT ( wire transfer ) to our company for the NFT auction. We also have the alternative of purchasing with Coinbase. If neither payment methods work for you, please contact us at support@vicinft.com . This is not an ideal option as it needs to go through the USSC first then be transferred from you to the company. We will arrange a different link for you.

The certificate of the NFT will be transferred to your wallet.

You can only purchase one for yourself - not for your whole family; they will need to purchase for themselves. This blessing is only for you, your healing, and your personal transformation of finances.

You can print your NFT as art or for personal purposes, but not for commercial use.

Yes, but it is for us only.

You can sell your NFT Blessing in the NFT marketplace opensea.io. Be sure to share the personal use-only rules with the future recipient.

Yes, the blessing transfers to the recipient, so when they trace, they will receive their blessing.

Yes, you are required by the IRS to report any gains made in selling your NFT.

When NFT is issued – it should be issued with an initial value of purchase at USD 2,000. However, working in detail of giving NFT as we are not purchasing with cryptocurrencies – will get back to you on the exact value placed in the wallet - will be addressed in a few days.

Very soon.